• Hearing and eye protection is required to be worn at all times by everyone.   
  • Cold Range-  Firearms will be cleared and holstered between stages.  Competitors will only handle firearms under the direction of a safety officer. 
  • Safe Tables are not available, only handle firearms under the direction of a safety officer. 
  • Muzzle safe points are the limits of the backstop and vary range to range.   
  • Additional safety rules will be governed by the specific range/bay requirements, each stage will have a walk through brief addressing any safety concerns and the course of fire. 
  • IDPA Range commands will be used. 
  • Concealment is not required, however it is encouraged. 
  • Reloads – Shall only be conducted on classification stages. All magazines shall be loaded to a max of 10 rounds unless directed higher or lower by the stage brief.  
  • Match Director will verify all disqualifications, will lead arbitration team and makes final rulings on all challenges.   


  • Reactive steel must fall or swing out of competitor’s view, remaining steel is a miss.   
  • IDPA cardboard targets will be used. Each point down = 1 second added to the raw time. 
  • Hits on Non-Threats = 5 seconds per hit added to the raw time. 
  • Miss = 5 seconds added to the raw time.   


  • Any IDPA or USPSA production legal firearm may be used. 
  • Calibers allowed: 9mm, .40S&W, 357SIG, .45ACP. (limited to available frangible ammunitions) Ammunition, No minimum power factor requirements, no steel or solid copper core.  Frangible ammunition will be issued for use on the Academy indoor pistol range.   
  • Iron, laser and carry optic sights may be used. 
  • Holsters, IDPA or USPSA production legal with the following exceptions that are strictly prohibited: Shoulder/chest, Cross-Draw, Appendix, Small of the Back, Inside the Waistband, Fanny-Pack, Soft sided holders and holsters that do not fully cover the trigger guard.  MD has final approval.  
  • Mags/Mag Holder, any type, minimum of three magazines are required for the event. 

Additional Items

  • This is a lost brass match.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the property. This includes prescribed narcotics (i.e. Percocet, Vicodin type drugs,) and marijuana regardless of its legality in the state.

Our Rules are modeled after the rules of the Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit and are taken directly from the ADSS published rules available on their website – HERE – Note: Training CREW is not part of ADSS nor is this a ADSS sanctioned shoot.

Note: Reference to IPDA or USPSA is exactly that, reference only. This shoot is not affiliated with or sanctioned by either IDPA or USPSA further Training CREW does not claim affiliation or sanctioning from either organization.