LTC Registration

LTC Registration

  • This form is provided as a courtesy to Training Crew students seeking to attend a Texas License To Carry course. By filling out this form it will help expedite our paperwork and allow us to provide you with your class credentials upon sucessful completion of the course in stead of waiting. Regardless, if this online form is not utilized students will then be required to fill out a paper form at the time of the actual course. Training Crew respects your privacy and we do NOT share your information with ANYONE period. Your information will be used to fill out legal State of Texas paperwork and then will be destroyed. This form is secure and encrypted for yours and our protection.

  • Please provide First name, Middle name and Last name exactly as shown on your State issued Drivers License or ID Card.
  • This form is encrypted and secure, the information submitted here will be destroyed after State of Texas paper work is completed.


  • This information is not required but it will allow us to help plan for the class to ensure that it is the best experience possible for everyone involved.
  • For the safety of all students and to maximize range time and efficiency please bring 50 rounds of factory ammunition as reloads are not permitted. This is a safety issue.
  • For those that wear corrective lenses please ensure that your glasses are suitable for shooting, i.e., please ensure your lenses are shatter resistant and are large enough they do not leave your eye region exposed.
  • ALL shooting participants MUST use hearing protection at all times when shooting. Only approved hearing protection is allowed. Muffs are recommended.
  • Please keep in mind that semi-auto handguns expel hot spent brass cartridges and in close quarters hot brass can be a hazard if they find their way into loose clothing, proper attire is desired.